Redefining and Refining

I’ve got quite a bit of downsizing and organizing ahead of me and as I work out what is truly worth keeping and what really has value, I’ve decided it’s time to refine my style and space a little bit. I have too much stuff, and as horrible as it sounds, stuff often makes one’s life more complicated.

Instead of a closet full of clothes, I have a closet, chest of drawers, and a few laundry baskets full. Do I really need that much? I probably wear about a quarter of it regularly, yet when it’s time to get ready, half my wardrobe lands on my bed as I try this and that.

Boxes of old school work, writing, and drawings. Do I need to keep all of it? I don’t need all my doodles from college.

I tried asking a friend and my boyfriend what my fashion style was to help define my wardrobe and got the worst answers! My friend said, “I don’t know…sometimes you dress American and sometimes you dress Asian.” Umm…okay? My boyfriend said, “I’d say you dress like a grandma.” Painfully true, as I joke about that quite a bit. I’ll take comfort over fashion but I still like to look put together and avoid appearing frumpy.

Here’s what I’ve written down as both those answers hardly help!

Romantic (Floral prints, lace, soft grey/cream/brown colors)
Royal/bold hues
Edgy (Ruched items, color block, rock inspired)

Royals (Blue/Purple)
Jewel tones (violet, magenta, mint, turquoise, emerald, aqua, teal)

Bedroom Style:
Blues, whites, greys

White/light furniture
Soft or neutral grey
Soft or neutral beige
Blue bedcovers and curtain panels
Metallic or ornate accents

Things to Get Rid of:
Souvenir/one line saying tees. They’re not versatile nor work appropriate. I hardly wear them.
Mismatched/worn out PJs. I’m a lady. I want to look classy even at bedtime.
Old/worn tank tops and undershirts.
Vee necks that tip too low to wear alone. Over it.
The jeans I swear I’ll fit again one day.
Fussy coats and cardigans with iffy buttons. I need stuff that lays nice on my full chest.
Button ups that also don’t lay well or pop open because of my size and chest.
Ugly undies. Again, I’m a grown lady. No more ugly undies. I want to feel refined even if that confidence boost is just for me.

Here goes nothing! πŸ™‚

One thought on “Redefining and Refining

  1. Those answers made me laugh!! I can see how he got to the ‘you dress like a grandma’. You have a ageless style that I would say you could wear as a grandma and it not look weird. #morenothelpfulanswers.

    Amen to no more ugly undies! And to the iffy buttons. If I have to worry about something popping open, it has no place in my closet.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

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