About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

In the words of an incredible person [Einstein]:

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

That is my motto in life. Be curious. Very curious. Learn and reap new ideas from the experiences life presents you.  This blog is an expression of my personal experiences as I live through and enjoy and sometimes struggle as a quarter-lifer. I started this blog in my mid twenties and am slowly approaching my mid thirties. As with most millennials, it feels like life is a bit…unfair? That we’re reaching the milestones our parents did at an older age even with all the gusto we try to take to get there. This is a blog of the small and big things of life.  I’m not here to show off my wardrobe or give you the keys to success in adulthood. My posts are merely a glance into my musings, which hopefully many of you will reminisce or identify with.

Random things:

I love art and graphic design.
Hummus is my ultimate comfort food (Yes, more than chocolate!)
I’m plus-sized and have always been a bigger girl. I feel with those of you who can’t just gorge in their teens and twenties “and not get fat”.
I love owls and swallows.
I’m a lefty!
I’m a spendthrift of the frugal variety. I love a good sale or thrifting haul.


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