About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

In the words of an incredible person [Einstein]:

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

That is my motto in life. Be curious. Very curious. Learn and reap new ideas from the experiences life presents you. I’m a college grad working her way into her “career” and  just enjoying this in-between time of life. This blog is an expression of my personal experiences as I live through and enjoy and sometimes struggle as a quarter-lifer. I’m not here to show off my wardrobe or give you the keys to success in adulthood. My posts are merely a glance into my musings, which hopefully many of you will reminisce or identify with.

Random things:

I love art and graphic design.
Hummus is my ultimate comfort food (Yes, more than chocolate!)
I’m plus-sized and have always been a bigger girl. I feel with those of you who can’t just gorge in their teens and twenties “and not get fat”.
I love owls and swallows.
I’m addicted to pinterest.
I’m a lefty!
I’m a spendthrift of the frugal variety. I love a good sale or thrifting haul.


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