The Millennial Eldest Daughter

It is tough to be
the eldest daughter
and a millennial

My parents had me later
in their life
and for better or worse
the same is in my cards

Nearing mid-thirties
with no mortgage
no spouse
a meager life savings

Dad, I’ll give you
all my time —
that’s the wealth
I can afford you

Mom, I’ll give you
all my attention —
that’s the investment
I can afford you

Please hold on to your
health and memories
so I can show you
what is becoming

Please hold on to
hope that I’ll make
it one day too

I have so little to show
but just want show you
I’ll figure out how to
If you’ll hold on a bit longer

I can’t give back what
You gave me
But I’ll try to
Give you all I’ve got
While you’re still here

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