Millennials…are we lazy?

You’ve probably heard it out of someone’s mouth (if not your parent’s or grandparent’s.) We’re a “lazy” and “entitled” bunch. We’re slow to establish ourselves as adults and in our careers. We are bombarded with complaints and comparisons of “back in my day…”

“Why aren’t you married yet?”

“You still live at home?”

“I started in the mail room and worked my way up”

“You still haven’t gotten promoted?”

I stumbled upon this article today and wanted to share it. While I’m not big on the blame game, this article does have some insight on the plight of a millennial.

Let’s face it. Life is tough for the quarter-lifer. I pay twice as much rent for my little apartment than my parents pay for their house mortgage. If minimum wage is not enough to qualify you for an apartment these days, then hmm…I wonder why many people are moving back or waiting longer to leave the nest. It’s not as easy to work your way up and college tuition has increased drastically since your parent’s day.

Social, economic, and financial trends as well as the general workforce have changed drastically in the last 20-30 years. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, affecting how we do things as well as what we do. We aren’t lazy; we’re trying to keep up with a fast paced world. It’s not that we are entitled – it’s that we have a lot on our plate. With more at our fingertips, we have more to accomplish. Our outlook may be different, but we are set on making it – just like the generations before us.

6 thoughts on “Millennials…are we lazy?

  1. Every generation has had lazy entitled people, ours and our parents. Have I encountered entitled millenials? Yes. But I’ve encountered more of us who are just trying to pull pieces together. It’s difficult when the social expections (like you mentioned above) are the same, but the paths to get there are so radically different, or in some cases not even comparable.

    • I’ve come in contact with more millennials that feel they are entitled that not. That’s most likely due to my career choice of Customer Care though. Most of the people who call in are experiencing an issue and/or feel they should get more for their money as a rule. I’ve had some pretty, shall we say, “fun” calls from people in their 20s/30s expecting the services my company provides to be free or nearly free. The majority of the millennials I’ve met aren’t like this, which leads me to think it’s probably just a customer care thing, lol!

      • I’ve only encountered two who definitely felt they were entitled. Drove me batty because it was a ‘*I* am entitled’…with no care for who their actions or words were affecting.

        ….I spend the vast majority of my time with a 50+ crowd so I can go a week where the only millennial I encounter beyond a check out person is the midget…so I’m probably not the best person to be weighing in on this topic!

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