The Renaissance of Life after 25

“You’re not squirrel-y like other kids your age. You’re a sweet girl who is collected and wise for her age.”

My mom and I were chatting with an employee at Jo-Anns when I received that strange compliment at the age of ten. As a preteen, I assumed I knew what life would throw at me. I’d be dorming at a quaint college (dorming never happened, and I chose to go the economic route for school choice), work hard and graduate, get an awesome job right out of college (haha…you’re hilarious, kid), and things would just snowball into a happily ever after of sorts. Well, life is happy, but does not go according to plan.

I was wise enough to know I shouldn’t place ALL my eggs in one basket, but I did empty out most into a basket called education. As an awkward kid, at least I could be proud of my academic accomplishments and be respected for that. So, at 10, and for many years after, life revolved around being level-headed, pleasant, book smart, and scheming my awesome life as an adult.

I did very well, graduated with flying Magna Cum Laude colors, and found myself in the very difficult job market of the recession. After a summer full of attempts, I settled for a job not even in my field. Even there, I persisted to try to shine and ended with a small cinderella story of entry level sucky-ness to becoming a marketing director. Even with that beautiful transformation story, I found myself unhappy, and settled for a smaller more humble job but where I felt better.

When I turned 25, it hit me like a brick. Why am I pretending life is like clockwork? What else is there, and what is more? All those eggs I had placed in academia longed for more life application and other aspects of life. I couldn’t hide behind “school” anymore, and I realized hiding behind a career wouldn’t make me happy either.

Becoming a quarter-lifer changed my world view – it challenged me to see all the aspects of me and my purpose for being on this earth. Why do I feel certain ways? Why do I trust what I trust? Why do I do what I do? How can I be the best me?

It’s all these musings that leave the older generations scratching our head at us. We don’t just do things because it’s expected of us, we question why. We were told we could be anything we want and so we crave that – fulfillment to the best of our ability.

Reaching a quarter of a century is our rebirth. In the first two decades we learned about the world around us, and how to go out into that world. This new milestone we reach further and wonder how we affect the world, and how we represent ourselves and change it.

So, here is my blog dedicated to my musings as a 20-something gal. Still figuring herself out, and enjoying life while scratching her head at times.

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