I Love Mondays

No, that wasn’t sarcastic. I truly love Mondays. While I may be part of a small percentage, there is something hopeful and optimistic to a beginning of a new week.

Even though the calendar week starts on Sunday, we tend to see Monday as the “first day” especially if one works weekdays and gets weekends off.

I often hear this floating around the office:

“How are you?”
“It’s Monday.”

I get it. There are weekends I definitely wish were longer. This weekend happened to be one of them. However, the first day back at the office tends to be my favorite. I love that on Friday I clock out and leave my designs behind and when I come in on Monday, my eyes are fresh and I am full of fuel for a new week of designing.

I’m not always a glass half full person, but I do like the idea of new and opportunity, and that’s what Mondays are all about. I tend to write out goals on Monday and while my list of items may not get completed in a week’s time, it reminds me that I have stuff to look forward to and plan.

Are you a Monday person? If yes, why? If not, why?

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