Life is Precious – Treat it as So

This has been an emotionally rough week. One family lost their precious girl to Leukemia. She won her first battle, but her second took her home to Jesus. She was pushing along but had difficulty understanding everything and lost her appetite. It seemed wrong to wake up and hear that she passed as she was such a fighter. The other heartbreaking factor being that this month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

My best friend’s grandpa also passed. He was also beating the odds despite many problems but took a fall that sent him downhill fast. We all prayed he’d pass peacefully and God answered that by taking him in his sleep. My parents were able to visit before his decline but unfortunately I wasn’t. She had a terrible gut feeling that things would happen near her birthday. It just happens that the memorial will fall on her thirtieth. It will be awfully bittersweet to see her as three years have passed but I know how special it will be to stay by her side through the service for emotional support, and how nice it will be to take time to celebrate her birthday and this new decade of life.

It’s in fleeting moments like these that I’m reminded how my days are numbered and to never miss chances with anyone. My time and other people’s time is precious. And time with others is a gift.

One thought on “Life is Precious – Treat it as So

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, but glad you get to be there for her. She couldn’t ask for a better friend to be there for her during this difficult time.

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