Maiden Names

Have you decided what you plan to do with your last name if you marry?

I remember how “rebellious” it was to keep your last name growing up and now I don’t see it as a big deal. It’s a personal choice and people shouldn’t read anything into it. In the last few years, a friend of mine decided to keep her last name for professional reasons. She married right before graduating and it is just easier bigger picture. She loves her husband dearly and there is no negativity to her not changing her last name. On the contrary, I don’t feel that it makes one lesser to take on their husband’s last name. Or combine them. You are a unit now, decide as a unit what’s best for your family…

My brother and I are the ONLY TWO carriers of our last name for our ancestry line for the current generation. Our relatives have married and taken their husband’s name and so that makes my brother the last one if I change my name.

I plan on keeping my maiden name by adding it to my middle name for this very reason. It is the way I want to honor our line.

3 thoughts on “Maiden Names

  1. I asked my hubby if he wanted to take my name, have me take his, or hyphenate it. He told me it was my decision which I really nice. I thought about it and decided a hyphenated name would be too long and I wanted to have the same last name as any kids I might have so I changed it.

    If something were to happen (hopefully never) I would not change my last name again. It’s been two years and I still run into things that I have to change over. I didn’t realize it was such a hassle and I’m slightly lazy, lol!

  2. I have zero attachment to my last name….I never have. Except for the puns, I don’t even really like it (yes,I do like the puns most of the time!) I’m not sure why I’ve never cared for it, but it’s never felt like ‘me’. Which is why the reprint of my books won’t have it, there is no rebellion/ill will, I just want to build a name without it. So, I would probably take my hypothetical future spouse’s last name. My first name honors my dad (because he wanted a Heidi) and my middle name honors my mom’s side because it is a combination of Grammy’s name, so I feel like those two names alone ‘fit’ me better.

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