Paint Night Out!


Has anyone done a paint event? It’s usually paired with wine or spirits to make it…um…more “upbeat.” I went to my first one this week and LOVED IT! I like the relaxed environment and how people who wouldn’t necessarily be up to making art are open to these events because they are an activity, not a class. I’m all about sharing the love of creating things and having fun.

My friend and I had a blast. There were a few ladies in the group that had quite a bit to drink and were free entertainment! We heard everything from hearty belly laughs to one mother’s rendition of “Elmo’s World”, which got funnier when other people joined her. Lots of people joked that we were doing an emo painting or work for Tim Burton as the majority of the night, we worked in monochrome. My friend had a coke and a glass of wine (I like her style…why not both!) and I had a virgin blended margarita that was very yummy. I might try wine or something next time, but this event was not in town and I prefer a DD if I’ve had anything whatsoever to drink.

I’ll definitely sign up for another one soon. What other girls night out events do you like to do?

One thought on “Paint Night Out!

  1. I really enjoyed the one I went to. The lady who led it made it understandable for everyone in the room and I didn’t feel overwhelmed at not really understanding how to paint/be that kind of artistic.

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