If there was ever a year to have a vision, it’s this one. It can be hard for me to narrow my focus into a year as my mind tends to think both immediate and longer term but hardly ever interstitial. I think for me, 2020 will be a year where I am ready for big changes. I am freeing myself and working on all aspects of my life to do whatever comes next. Things are lining up to rightly fall into place but without too much concrete idea of what that all entails.

Personal Goals:
Pursue creative passions outside of work
Lose weight for health reasons
Increase activity for health and strength training
Say no to extra commitments
Work on time for myself
Deepen relationships

Financial Goals:
Put more in savings than previous years
Increase retirement planning and funding
Invest in technology that aids in better living/advancement
Spend less on fast fashion and miscellany
Manage weekly and budget monthly to keep on track

Spiritual Goals:
Read the entire Bible this year (focus on daily reading)
Morning devotional (daily)
Get to know more people at church

Family Goals:
Be more gracious to my aging parents
Spend intentional quality time
Quietly improve/organize my parent’s home for them
Help my aunt feel moved in
Spend more time with my brother
Distance myself from getting absorbed into their timelines

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